Meet the Staff

Us with our families 



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Clinton is owner and manager of the business. He grew up in the construction trade, working with his Dad & Brother. He loves to design and invent. He made the machines in our shop to make the windows. He will be the one to come out and measure up your windows and give you an estimate. He makes the unusual shaped windows (octagon, trapaziods, parallelograms), fixes broken machinery, re-designs new machinery, solves problems.


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Corinne is the Wolf Windows secretary. She will likely answer the phone when you call, sometimes come out to look at the windows in your house with her husband, Clinton, take orders over the phone, make cut list once we have the order, schedule jobs, make out invoices, pay bills, make orders………..and then being a homeschooling mother will teach school in the winter also.


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Karen spends her winters teaching school for eleven children in the mountains of Haiti. She comes home for a couple of our busiest month to help out in the shop. To learn more about the New Horizons  Haiti Children’s Home where she teaches, go to            Life In Haiti...


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Cainan manages the installing crew. He also helps in the shop where & when needed. If you need custom made trim, a screen repaired or glass replaced, he is likely the one who will do it.



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Keturah is full time shop manager. She also is the Wolf Blind manufacturer. She builds windows when she is not in school or making blinds. She has several blind fabrics in stock and hundreds more available….


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Carina, the youngest of the crew, sweeps floors, runs punches, entertains and plays when she’s not in school. The big shop floor gives a lot of room for rip-sticks and bikes.


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Erik Baly is a full time installation crew member. He also helps with projects around the shop.   


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Westley Whitaker is full time on the installation crew. He also helps out in the shop and with projects when needed.